Welcome To The Blog!

This will be a blog about me, Fitzpatrick, and my thoughts on guitars, effects, collecting and listening to music and experiences playing guitar. So everything music, basically.

As for me, I play guitar, bass, and many other instruments here and there, mainly in a band in Rockford, IL, called The Diners. We are a rock band, but with elements from every genre around us, except country. We always try to have something weird or interesting, based off of what interests or influences us.

As for me again, I also have played in a few different musical ensembles in school or otherwise. I love gear, and pedals especially, and own quite a few, but not quite enough yet to fill Royal Albert Hall (enough is never enough with gear). I also love collecting both vinyl and CDs, for any musical artist, but especially prog rock and classic rock bands from the 70s and 80s. I get super nerdy about any band I like, collecting any and all media possible on my favorites. (Probably more vast of a collection than my pedals, which is saying something.)

I hope you like the site, and hope you get to learn about gear and my points on guitar playing and collecting music.

Cheers!- Fitzpatrick.

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